The ACE Training Days in Prague are designed to meet the needs of upcoming producers, at relatively early stages in their careers, from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Participation is not limited to producers with the same high level of experience as is required for the main ACE European Workshop.

Scheduled over two-and-a-half days, the workshop is provided with the help of ACE producers and consultants who have notably strong track-records in international project financing and distribution, and who share their knowledge and international expertise.

The Training Days includes plenary sessions, group meetings and interactive workshops exploring:

  • International financing opportunities and strategies;
  • Co-production advantages and pitfalls;
  • Finance plans and different types of money;
  • A case study on a European co-production;
  • An evaluation of international project markets;
  • Improvement of pitching skills;
  • And, with input from experienced film producers, different options for developing a sustainable business.

The ACE Training Days in Prague is supported by the Czech Film Fund and the Audiovisual Producers Association (APA).