ACE Producers is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Roma Lazio Film Commission. A three-year agreement has been set up between the two institutions which will support ACE’s international network activities and encourage Italian producers, and those of the Lazio region, to benefit from ACE’s programmes and network.

Jacobine van der Vloed, Director and Head of Studies at ACE Producers, said of the partnership, “We are thrilled to be working with the Roma Lazio Film Commission, a foundation which has a long history of supporting international productions and encouraging cross-county collaboration. We look forward to working with such an iconic region for European cinema.”

Cristina Priarone, RLFC’s Director General affirmed “We are delighted to develop our relationship with ACE Producers through this partnership. Over the next three years we will improve our mutual opportunities. Strong collaborative European relationships, such as this one, are key to increase the amount of co-productions and to tighten good creative synergies among European producers. Roma Lazio Film Commission always values this kind of initiatives that brings knowledge and shared experience. We look forward to collaborating with all the valuable people at ACE to open up new ways for European producers to work together creatively and commercially, in the future.”

The Fondazione Film Commission di Roma e del Lazio works for the development of the audiovisual sector, for the promotion of the territory and for the development of coproduction, serving as a point of contact between the principal national and international companies and Lazio, the traditional land of great cinema. It offers support and guidance regarding the financial resources of the Lazio regions available to the audiovisual industry. The Foundation, as member of major international networks and in connection with major institutions, is committed to taking care of key issues for the industry like creativity development, professional training, sustainability and audience and film culture development.