World Cinema Dramatic Competition

“Exil” by Visar Morina
Produced by Janine Jackowski (ACE DE) and Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE)
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE)

“Jumbo” by Zoé Wittock
Co-produced by Gilles Chanial (ACE LU)

World Cinema Documentary Competition

“Once Upon a Time in Venezuela” by Anabel Rodríguez Ríos
Co-produced by Arash T. Riahi (ACE AT)


“Falling” by Viggo Mortensen
Produced by Daniel Bekerman (ACE CA) and Chris Curling (ACE UK)

“The Father” by Florian Zeller
Produced by Philippe Carcassonne (ACE FR)

“Herself” by Phyllida Lloyd
Produced by Ed Guiney (ACE IE)


“Collective” by Alexander Nanau
Co-produced by Bernard Michaux (ACE LU)

“The Perfect Candidate” by Haifaa Al Mansour
Produced by Roman Paul (ACE DE)