“ACE’s strength is its determination to constantly evolve and to tackle, head-on, the challenges faced by international producers. The organisation is more relevant and more essential today than it has ever been.”
Carl Clifton –  Hyde Park Entertainment

“ACE is more than a professional network, it’s a real family where you can find support and advise on your projects on a very qualified level.”
Tanja Meissner 

“ACE is, by far, the best tool for independent producers too improve their skills, join a club and find partners in order to establish networks”
Raimond Goebel – Pandora Film



“After 10 years in the business ACE was for me a much needed opportunity to take a step back and reflect closely on where I am as a producer and where I want to go to”.
Viola Fügen – ACE 29

“Through ACE I not only got to know new co-production partners, but they introduced me to their most experienced national colleagues as well, which we are currently setting up new co-productions with. It has definitely broadened my international network of the most experienced and renowned producers.”
Katja Draaijer –  ACE 28

“Overall ACE was a significant boost for me and my company. It helped me become more fluent in the language of European co-productions.”
Daniel Bekerman –  ACE  28

“The programme allowed me to get more insight on the sales market and meet new potential sales agents. It gave more visibility towards our company and myself, allowing me easier access to festival markets, development programmes and distribution possibilities.”
Koji Nelissen –  ACE 27

“I feel I gained a deeper understanding of the European co-production business – something that opened my eyes for how we could finance projects. I gained a lot from the development sessions we had.”
Alexander Rönnberg – ACE 26


“The ACE financing workshop represents an invaluable and much appreciated opportunity to get to know upcoming projects from highly-motivated and well-informed producers.”
Susan Newman Baudais – Eurimages

“The most useful industry meeting to improve and share with creative producers and get some new ideas in international film financing.”
Tom Dercourt – Cinéma Defacto

“A very useful and productive experience with excellent participants.”
George Hamilton – Protagonist Pictures

“The intense financing sessions are really one of the best benefits for producers to hear feedback from colleagues from their co-production countries as well experts that are specially invited to give their expertise.”
Karla Stojakova – Axman Productions

“ACE is like family: critique on your project comes as tough love, and praise comes as an invitation to raise the bar.”
Jasper van Hecke – NBC Universal

“ACE workshops always remind me of of the great pleasures and challenges of producing a feature film.”
David Collins – Samson Productions

“Taking the time to think together about our industry and our creativity is a luxury and a necessity, and ACE makes it happen. Dialogue makes us stronger”
Hedi Zardi – Luxbox

“The ACE Financing Strategies workshop is an invaluable platform which allows producers and industry practitioners to freely exchange ideas about the financing and distribution of independent films in an inclusive and open forum. It offers outstanding opportunities for relationship building as does being part of the ACE family. Highly recommended.”
Stephen Kelliher – Bankside Film


“The ACE international Network, support, as well as the information exchange are of incredible value in our ongoing changing and challenging industry. The ACE Series Special is therefore a must for every experienced producer who wants to develop and/or extend her/his knowledge in producing TV Series for an international audience. The speakers and participants are highly qualified and carefully selected, which brings a certain dynamic to the discussions and a priceless access to unique insider knowledge and expertise.”
Alexandra Hoesdorff – Series Special 2

“The ACE Series workshop provided me with great insight into the development and production of drama series, which helped not only our project presented at the workshop but also the growth of the whole company from producing cinema features to producing drama series as well. It has been a great experience and our group has formed a very valuable network of colleagues all over Europe as well. “
Jakob Weydemann – Series Special 2

“Great, helpful and open insights from some of the most profiled European producers in the usual trustful and good atmosphere. Perfectly organized, although everything had to take place online. “
David Keitsch – Series Special 2

“The ACE Series Special brings the producers of cinema closer to the drama series world. The urgent, authentic and original voice of filmmakers needs to also get a place in drama series. And the ACE Series Special helps cinema producers to find their way in this ever growing market. The workshop is due to this focus a clear addition to existing drama series programs. “
Leontine Petit – Series Special 2

“ACE consistently attracts top tier speakers and fosters productive communication with the guests and the participants.”
Daniel Bekerman – Series Special 2

“It is a privilege to be able to have such valuable exchanges and insights at an early stage of your series adventure and to benefit from the positive and negative experiences of the colleagues from the ACE network. This helps to avoid some unnecessary mistakes and to mature and grow faster as a series producing company.”
Ivan Madeo – Series Special 2

“Despite it being an online rather than a live event, I really enjoyed the interaction with the other producers and realizing how everyone is just trying their best to figure out this whole series production thing, in all of its complexity. And that you can also gain a lot of insight from not only the answers we received from the sessions and panelists but also from the types of questions that are being raised by colleagues.”
Marijke Wouters – Series Special 1

“In 6 days, the ACE Series Special offered strategic creative and financial approaches to making breakthrough television in co-production with European partners”.
Damon D’Oliveira – Series Special 1

“By bringing together a group of inspiring and accomplished producers, the ACE Series Special was an incredible opportunity for me to explore options for my project, brainstorm and problem solve with my fellow producers, get a lay of the international television landscape, and to be inspired to tell stories beyond the limits of film.”
Kaleena Kiff – Series Special 1

“The ACE Series Special focuses on the European ‘next level development’ of series which is needed more than ever in a fast changing industry”
Frans van Gestel – Series Special 1

“The ACE Series Special was a timely and productive experience for me. The level of sharing was high, in-depth and rewarding in terms of quality, communication and expertise.”
Martichka Bozhilova – Series Special 1

“The ACE Series Workshop offers practical advice, useful analysis and the joy of being with people who share both your anxieties and excitement. It was fun.”
Fiona Copland – Series Special 1

“ACE is an absolute asset to the market. Not that you will have time to breathe anything but series, series, series, but you will definitely return home inspired, lifted and challenged.”
Helen Perquy – Series Special 1


“I am really thankful that ACE managed to quickly react to the current situation and make the workshop happen in the digital space. It was really helpful, and the fact that every session was recorded gives us even better options to review the workshop and its different sections once we need a refreshment of the knowledge that was transferred by a superb selection of experts”
Arash T. Riahi – Animation Special 1

“The ACE Animation Special was a complete surprise to me, in less than a week I learned more than could wish for”
Fabien Driehorst – Animation Special 1

“An inspiring workshop delving into many areas of animation from techniques to financing and development to branding. Amazing participants and a wealth of information which I’m sure will be invaluable for our future projects.”
Heather Millard – Animation Special 1

“It’s brilliant to see a special edition of ACE just for animation. The team did a brilliant job organising the Online Edition, bringing together great experience, knowledge and technology in an innovative format!”
Jonathan Clarke – Animation Special 1

“Intense and inspiring learning, even worked online”
Kristine Knudsen – Animation Special 1