• Festivals and Markets: ACE organises gatherings of leading industry professionals and ACE producers at Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Rotterdam and other significant international events, providing access and introductions to world sales agents, distributors, commissioning editors, heads of funds and valuable contacts.
  • ACE Producers Annual Reunion: This professional-cum-social rendez-vous, held in a different country each year, brings together at least 50 members of the ACE Network with prominent industry speakers and special guests.
  • ACE Database: An exclusive online database, accessible only to ACE Network members, features ACE producers’ contact details, recent productions and projects in development.
  • ACE Forum: Allowing members to communicate directly with the other members of the Network to ask for advice and communicate relevant news.
    to you.
  • Each producer’s project is assigned to three ACE consultants during the training year: a script consultant, a financing consultant and a marketing consultant.
  • ACE closely follows the development of each project. Depending on individual needs, producers can have meetings (in person or online, as most practical) with their consultants as many times as they wish throughout the year.
  • ACE remains ready to effect introductions on behalf of its producers – at any time throughout the training year and thereafter – to potential funding and distribution partners, to members of the ACE Network, and to other professional contacts.
  • ACE will also do its best at any time in the future to give advice to its producers on other projects they are developing, with regard to production, financing, distribution, international sales, festival participation, etc, as needed.
  • ACE has developed partnerships with many festivals and markets, enabling ACE producers to participate under special conditions and with special benefits.
  • ACE maintains a strong presence on social media and through its website, announcing the showcasing of ACE producers’ films at festivals and markets, and their personal attendance.