ACE Producers’ International Feature Oscar Contenders 2021

“Working Girls’ by Frédéric Fonteyne and Anne Paulicevich.
Produced by Jacques-Henri Bronckart (ACE Belgium) and Yael Fogiel (ACE France)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
“Quo Vadis, Aida?” by Jasmila Zbanic
Co-Produced by Roman Paul (ACE Germany)

“The Mole Agent” by Maite Alberdi
Co-produced by Ingmar Trost (ACE Germany) and  Denis Vaslin (ACE The Netherlands)

“Another Round” by Thomas Vinterberg
Co-produced by Laurette Schillings (ACE The Netherlands) and Frans van Gestel (ACE The Netherlands)

“And Tomorrow the Entire World” by Julia Von Heinz
Produced by Fabian Gasmia (ACE Germany)

“Apples” by Christos Nikou
Produced by Angelos Venetis (ACE Greece), Mariusz Wlodarski (ACE Poland) and Associate producer Antoine Simkine (ACE France)

“The Last Ones” by Kaouther Veiko Õunpuu
Produced by Katrin Kissa (ACE Estonia), Co-Produced by Ellen Havenith (ACE The Netherlands) and Misha Jaari (ACE Finland)

“Tove” by Zaida Bergroth
Produced by Aleksi Bardy (ACE Finland)

“Arracht” by Tom Sullivan
Executive producers Brendan McCarthy (ACE Ireland) and John McDonnell (ACE Ireland)

 Ivory Coast
“La nuit des Rois” by Philippe Lacote
Produced by Yanick Letourneau (ACE Canada)

“Exile” by Visar Morina
Produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE Germany) and Janine Jackowski (ACE Germany)
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE Belgium)

“Nova Lituania” by Karolis Kaupinis
Produced by Marija Razgute (ACE Lithuania)

“Buladó” by Éche Janga
Produced by Koji Nelissen (ACE The Netherlands)

 North Macedonia
“Willow” by Milčo Mančevski
Co-produced by Ildiko Kemeny (ACE Hungary)

“Never Gonna Snow Again” by Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert
Produced by Mariusz Wlodarski (ACE Poland), Viola Fügen (ACE Germany)

“Collective” by Alexander Nanau
Produced by Bernard Michaux (ACE Luxembourg)

 Saudi Arabia
“Scales” by Shahad Ameen
Produced by Paul Miller (ACE The Netherlands)

“The Man Who Sold His Skin” by Kaouther Ben Hania
Produced by Thanassis Karathanos (ACE Germany)

“Atlantis” by Valentyn Vasyanovich
Produced by Vladimir Yatsenko (ACE Ukraine)

“Once Upon a Time in Venezuela” by Anabel Rodríguez Ríos
Co-produced by Arash T. Riahi (ACE Austria)