ACE 31 Producers Selected

Melanie Andernach – MADE IN GERMANY – Germany
“Love Ghosts” directed by Benjamin Heisenberg

Peter Badač – BFILM – Czech Republic/Slovakia
“Backwoods” directed by Evženie Brabcová

Nicky Bentham – Neon Films – United Kingdom      
“Brides” directed by Nadia Fall

Inese Boka-Grūbe- Mistrus Media – Latvia  
“The Bomber” directed by Pauls Kesteris

Fran Borgia – Akanga Film Asia – Singapore 
“If I Had Two Lives” directed by Ash Mayfair

Claire Charles-Gervais – In Vivo Films – France      
“Death Has No Master” directed by Jorge Thielen Armand

Nina Frese – Freelance – Germany   
“Night Sweats” directed by Maria Solrun

Miia Haavisto – Tekele Productions – Finland
“Get Hartmann” directed by Antti Heikki Pesonen

Tomas Hruby – nutprodukce – Czech Republic
“Forest” directed by Petr Kazda and Tomas Weinreb

Lana Matić – Propeler Film – Croatia
“Before the Summer” directed by Danis Tanović

Annabella Nezri – Kwassa Films – Belgium
“Transition” directed by Zoé Wittock

Hany Ouichou – Coop Video de Montréal – Canada
“Buy Your Way to Heaven” directed by Mathieu Denis

Luisa Romeo – Frida Films – Spain   
“Pinkala” directed by Juanjo Gimenez

David B. Sørensen – Apparatur – Denmark
“Replica” directed by Jacob Thomas Pilgaard

Marica Stocchi – Rosamont – Italy
“A Woman’s Diary” directed by Daniele Vicari

Janine Teerling – AMP Filmworks – Cyprus  
“The Well” directed by Marios Piperides

Nikolina Vučetić Zečević- Biberche Production – Serbia    
“Rattlesnakes” directed by Nikola Ljuca

Joram Willink – BIND – The Netherlands      
“Stranded Assets” directed by TBD

ACE Producers has selected 18 experienced independent producers to join the ACE Network after completing the 31st edition of its Annual Programme. The selected producers from 17 different territories will attend three workshops throughout 2021 and 2022 moving the projects with which they applied forward.

The selection committee consisted of members of the ACE board, ACE consultants, president Antoine Simkine and director Jacobine van der Vloed.

“We are excited about the new group of producers joining the ACE Network. With each of these experienced independent producers and their individual expertise and know-how, the ACE Network will grow stronger, providing a solid basis for successful European collaborations”, Jacobine van der Vloed commented.

Four events make up the core of the training. The first workshop, dedicated to content development, will take place in Stavanger, Norway in early October and will include group sessions and individual meetings, analysing the concepts, dramaturgy, and target audiences of producers’ projects. The workshop is supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, Filmkraft Rogaland, Mediefondet Zefyr, Stavanger Municipality, Rogaland County Municipality and The Norwegian Producers Association (Virke Produsentforeningen).

In November, the second workshop, which offers the producers advice on possible financing strategies for their projects, will take place in Warsaw, Poland, with the support of the Polish Film Institute and in collaboration with Independent Film Foundation. The week-long workshop will be made up of interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of the producers’ finance plans, with input provided by high-grade professionals from across the industry. The sessions offer a uniquely open exchange of experience and ideas which sheds light on the evolution of co-production practices, of public and private funding schemes, and of the global marketplace in the digital age.

The third workshop will look at the producers’ business strategies, providing them with models of sustainable company management and ways to build businesses that have real value. Group sessions and panel discussions guide the producers through keener applications of marketing techniques and diversified commercial activities. The Business Prospects Workshop will take place in Amsterdam with the kind support of the Netherlands Film Fund and is immediately followed by the ACE Annual Reunion, were the new producers will be officially welcomed into the ACE Network.

The Annual Reunion 2022 will be held in Gdansk, Poland with the support of the Polish Film Institute.

ACE Producers is supported by Creative Europe, the Netherlands Film Fund, Screen Scotland, Film Center Serbia, Polish Film Institute, Procirep, German Films, Téléfilm Canada, Screen Ireland, Screen Skills Ireland, Focal, Rai Cinema and APA – Audiovisual Producers Association.