ACE Producers’ Films at Karlovy Vary 2018

Official Selection – Competition

“I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
Produced by Ada Solomon (ACE RO)
Co-produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE) and Janine Jackowski  (ACE DE)

“To the Night” by Peter Brunner
Produced by Oliver Neumann (ACE AT)

East of the West – Competition

“Moments” by Beata Parkanová
Produced by Viktor Tauš (ACE CZ)

Another View

“And Breathe Normally” by Ísold Uggadóttir
Produced by Skúli Malmquist (ACE IS)
Co-produced by Diana Elbaum (ACE BE)

“Chris the Swiss” by Anja Kofmel
Produced by Sinisa Juricic (ACE HR)

“Cobain” by Nanouk Leopold
Co-produced by Dries Phlypo (ACE BE) and Herbert Schwering (ACE DE)

“Fuga” by Agnieszka Smoczyńska
Produced by Karla Stojáková (ACE CZ)

“Oblivion Verses” by Alireza Khatami
Produced by Fred Bellaïche (ACE FR)
Co-produced by Leontine Petit (ACE NL), Joost de Vries (ACE NL)
and Fabian Massah (ACE DE)

“Our Struggles” by Guillaume Snez
Produced by David Thion (ACE FR)
Co-produced by Bart Van Langendonck (ACE BE)

“Rafiki” by Wanuri Kahiu
Co-produced by Claire Gadéa (ACE FR)
and Roman Paul (ACE DE)

“Styx” by Wolfgang Fischer
Produced by Marcos Kantis (ACE DE)
Developed during the ACE 23 Workshops

“Virgins” by Keren Ben Rafael
Produced by Caroline Bonmarchand (ACE FR)
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE)


“Birds of Passage” by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego
Produced by Cristina Gallego (ACE CO)
Co-produced by Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)

“Girl” by Lukas Dhont
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE)
and Laurette Schillings (ACE NL)

“Happy as Lazzaro” by Alice Rohrwacher
Produced by Carlo Cresto-Dina (ACE IT)
and Tiziana Soudani (ACE CH)

“In My Room” by Ulrich Köhler
Produced by Claudia Steffen (ACE DE)
Co-produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE)
and Janine Jackowski (ACE DE)

“U – July 22” by Erik Poppe
Produced by Finn Gjerdrum (ACE NO)

“Wajib” by Annemarie Jacir
Co-produced by Cristina Gallego (ACE CO), Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)
and Titus Kreyenberg (ACE DE)

“The Wild Pear Tree” by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Co-produced by Fabian Gasmia (ACE DE)

“Zama” by Lucrecia Martel
co-produced by Claire Gadea (ACE FR) and Leontine Petit (ACE NL)