ACE Producers’ Films at Galway 2018

“Black 47” by Lance Daly
Produced by Macdara Kelleher (ACE IE)

“Disobedience” by Sebastián Leilo
Produced by Ed Guiney (ACE IE)

“Good Favour” by Rebecca Daly
Produced by Conor Barry (ACE IE)
Co-produced Marleen Slot (ACE NL)

“Gutland” by Govinda Van Maele
Produced by Gilles Chanial (ACE LU)
Co-produced by Felix Blum (ACE DE) and Olivier Dubois (ACE BE)
Project developed during the ACE 23 workshops

“Holiday” by Isabella Eklöf
Co-produced by Trent (ACE NL)

“In the Aisles” by Thomas Stuber
Produced by Fabian Maubach (ACE DE)

“Killing Jesus” by Laura Mora
Produced by DIego Ramírez (ACE CO)

“Nico 1988” by Susanna Nicchiarelli
Produced by Valérie Bournonville (ACE BE)

“Old Boys” by Toby Macdonald
Co-produced by Erik Hemmendorff (ACE SE)

“Styx” by Wolfgang Fischer
Produced by Marcos Kantis (ACE DE)
Devleloped during the ACE 23 Workshops

“Under the Tree” by Hasteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson
Co-produced by Jamila Wenske (ACE DE)