ACE Producers’ Films in Rotterdam 2018

Bright Future

“Gutland” by Govina Van Maele
Produced by Gilled Chanial (ACE LU)
Co-produced by Olivier Dubois (ACE BE) and Felix Blum (ACE DE)
Project developed during the ACE 23 workshops

“Permanent Green Light” by Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley
Produced by Nicolas Brevière (ACE FR)

“Possessed” by Metahaven & Rob Schröder
Produced by Willant Boekelman (ACE NL)
Hivos Tiger Competition

“Rabot” by Christina Vandkerckhove
Produced by Peter Krüger (ACE BE)

“The Reports on Sarah and Saleem” by Muayad Alayan
Co-produced by Hans de Wolf (ACE NL)
Hivos Tiger Competition

“The Return” by Malene Choi Jensen
Produced by Katja Adomeit (ACE DK)

“Soldiers. Story from Ferentari” by Ivana Mladenovic
Produced by Ada Solomon (ACE RO)
Co-produced by Jelena Mitrovic (ACE SB) and Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE)

“The Song of Scorpions” by Anup Singh
Produced by Saskia Vischer (ACE CH)


“An Impossibly Small Object” by David Verbeek
Produced by Sinisa Juricic (ACE HR) and Leontine Petit (ACE NL)
Nominated for the VPRO Big Screen Award.

“Fenix” by Shariff Korver
Produced by Leontine Petit (ACE NL)
Co-produced by Dries Phlypo (ACE BE)

“Latifa, le coeur au combat” by Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani
Produced by  Carole Scotta (ACE FR)

“Madame Hyde” by Serge Bozon
Produced by Phillippe Martin (ACE FR) and David Thion (ACE FR)

“Wajib” by Annemarie Jacir
Co-produced by Cristina Gallego (ACE CO), Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)
and Titus Kreyenberg (ACE DE)

“Western” by Valeska Grisebach
produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE), Janine Jackowski (ACE DE)
Co-produced by Borislav Chouchkov (ACE BU)

“What Will People Say” by Iram Haq
Co-produced by Madeleine Ekman (ACE SE) and Karsten Stöter (ACE DE)

Voices – Limelight

“Dorst” by Saskia Diesing
Produced by Hans de Wolf (ACE NL)

“Hannah” by Andrea Pallaoro
Produced by John Engel (ACE BE)

“Foxtrot” by Samuel Maoz
Produced by Cedomir Kolar (ACE FR)

“I am not a Witch” by Rungano Nyoni
Produced by Juliette Grandmont (ACE FR)
co-produced by Titus Kreyenberg (ACE DE)

“Zagros” by Sahim Omar Kalifa
Produced by Dries Phlypo (ACE BE)

Voices – Rotterdämmerung

“La Nuit a dévoré le Monde” by Dominique Roche
Produced by Carole Scotta (ACE FR)

Voices – IFFR Live

“Nico, 1988” by Susanna Nicchiarelli
Co-produced by Valérie Bournonville (ACE BE)

Voices – Shorts

“A Drowing Man” by Mahdi Fleifel
Produced by Signe Byrge Sørensen

Perspectives – A History of Shadows

“Der rote Schatten” by Dominik Graf
Produced by Fabian Maubach (ACE DE)

“Fuck Off 2 – Images from Finland” by Jörn Donner
Produced by Misha Jaari (ACE FI)

“Oblivion Verses” by Alireza Khatami
Produced by Fred Bellaïche (ACE FR)
Co-produced by Leontine Petit (ACE NL), Joost de Vries (ACE NL)
and Fabian Massah (ACE DE)

“Zama” by Lucrecia Martel
Co-produced by Claire Gadéa (ACE FR) and Leontine Petit (ACE NL)

Perspectives – Maximum Overdrive

“Team Hurricane” by Annika Berg
Produced by Katja Adomeit (ACE DK)