ACE Producers’ Films at TIFF 2018

Special Presentations

“Colettes” by Wash Westmoreland
Co-produced by Ildiko Kemeny (ACE HU)

“Duelles (Mother’s Instinct)” by Olivier Masset-Depasse
Produced by Jacques-Henri Bronckart (ACE BE)
Co-produced by Bart van Langendonck (ACE BE)

“Girls of the Sun” by Eva Husson
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE)

“The Grizzlies” by Miranda de Pencier
Produced by Damon D’Oliveira (ACE CA)

“Maya” by Mia Hansen-Løve
Produced by Philippe Martin (ACE FR), David Thion (ACE FR)
Co-Produced by Roman Paul (ACE DE)

“Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón
Produced by Nicolás Celis (ACE MX)

“Sunset” by László Nemes
Produced by Gábor Sipos (ACE HU)

Gala Presentations

“High Life” by Claire Denis
Produced by Claudia Steffen (ACE DE)


“Our Time” by Carlos Reygadas
Co-produced by Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)

“The Wild Pear Tree” by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Co-produced by Fabian Gasmia (ACE DE)

Contemporary World Cinema

“Angel” by Koen Mortier
Produced by Euridyce Gysel (ACE BE)

“Birds of Passage” by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra
Produced by Cristina Gallego (ACE CO)
Co-produced by Nicolás Celis (ACE MX) and Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)

“Black 47” by Lance Daly
Produced by Macdara Kelleher (ACE IT)
Associate producer: Bernard Michaux (ACE LU)

“The Great Darkened Days” by Maxime Giroux
Produced by Sylvain Corbeil (ACE CA)

“I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians” by Radu Jude
Produced by Ada Solomon (ACE RO)
Co-produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE) and Janine Jackowski (ACE DE)

“The Most Beautiful Couple” by Sven Taddicken
Produced by Jamila Wenske (ACE DE)

“Styx” by Wolfgang Fischer
Produced by Marcos Kantis (ACE DE)
Developed during the ACE 23 Workshops

“The Vice of Hope” by Edoardo De Angelis
Produced by Pierpaolo Verga (ACE IT)
Developed during the ACE 27 Workshops

“Working Woman” by Michal Aviad
Produced by Amir Harel (ACE IL)


“Girl” by Lukas Dhont
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE BE) and Laurette Schillings (ACE NL)

“Her Job” by Nikos Labôt
Produced by Maria Drandaki (ACE GR) and Julie Paratian (ACE FR)

“Light as Feathers” by Rosanne Pel
Produced by Floor Onrust (ACE NL)

“The Load” by Ognjen Glavonic
Co-produced by Tom Dercourt (ACE FR) and Ankica Juric Tilic (ACE HR)

“Rafiki” by Wanuri Kahiu
Co-produced by Claire Gadea (ACE FR), Roman Paul (ACE DE)

“Saf” by Ali Vatansever
Co-produced by Anamaria Antoci (ACE RO)

“Tel Aviv on Fire” by Sameh Zoabi
Produced by Amir Harel (ACE IL), Bernard Michaux (ACE LU)
and Miléna Poylo (ACE FR)


“Angels Are Made of Light” by James Longley
Co-produced by Signe Byrge Sørensen (ACE DK)

“Heartbound” by Janus Metz
Co-produced by Frank Hoeve (ACE NL)


“Blue” by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Produced by Philippe Martin (ACE FR)

“In My Room” by Ulrich Köhler
Produced by Claudia Steffen (ACE DE)
Co-produced by  Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE), Janine Jackowski (ACE DE), Katrin Schlösser (ACE DE)


“Rojo” by Benjamin Naishtat
Produced by Marleen Slot (ACE NL)


“To Plant a Fig” by Bobbie Peers
Produced by Skúli Malmquist (ACE IS)