ACE Producers has selected 3 outstanding up-and coming producers from the Netherlands for the ACE Mentoring Programme 2021. Designed and developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund, NAPA, Film Forward and Eye Filmmuseum, the ACE Mentoring Programme aims to support Dutch emerging producers in reaching the next level of experience and developing their international network by matching them with a mentor from the ACE Producers Network actively working within the European film industry.

For this first edition, ACE Producers has matched mentors of the ACE Network according to the specific needs of the selected producers. The mentorship includes meetings throughout the year at international festivals and events, and online.

Jacobine van der Vloed: “We selected the 3 producers based on their track-record, motivation statements, and the stage they are currently at within their own careers. ACE Producers wants to assist in the further development of these promising producers’ careers in order to sustain strong independent European cinema. The ACE Producers Network with its established and successful members has all the knowledge and expertise to provide for that.”



Rogier Kramer, Dutch Mountain Films
Mentor: Alexander Wadouh (ACE 28), Chromosom Film – Germany

Hugo Naber, SNG Films
Mentor: Mariusz Wlodarski (ACE 27), Lava Films – Poland

Steven Rubinstein Malamud, IJswater films
Mentor: Sophie Erbs (ACE 28), Cinema Defacto – France


Together with ACE Training Days, the ACE Mentoring Programme is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!

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