Announcing the new ACE President

ACE Producers is excited to announce the election of its new president, Marleen Slot (ACE The Netherlands).

Having been elected by the ACE Executive Board, Marleen will serve as president of ACE Producers starting from 19 April 2024, taking over from current president, Antoine Simkine, who held the role since 2018.

Marleen has been a member of ACE Producers since her participation in the ACE 19 Annual Programme in 2009. Over the past years, she has regularly returned to ACE workshops as a speaker, consultant, and expert. Since 2020, Marleen is a board member for ACE Producers and currently is serving as vice-president.

Marleen founded Amsterdam-based film production company Viking Film in 2011. International in scope, Viking Film creates high-quality films for both Dutch and international audiences with a special focus on arthouse and animation films. Marleen started her career at Lemming Film, where she worked for 8 years as a producer.

Marleen will collaborate closely with Director, Jacobine van der Vloed, in developing ACE’s vision and strategy. Both will work together as they take ACE forward and build on the substantial achievements that have occurred over the past few years.

Commenting on her election, Marleen said: “I feel very honoured to be elected the new president of an organisation that is so dear to me and such an important part of my career and life since 2009. I strongly believe in the power of ACE as a training organisation but even more as a place for producers to share and network, where you can be vulnerable and open and share successes and mistakes. Collectively we can make the difference and bring our films to a higher level.”

Departing president Antoine Simkine comments: “I am delighted to announce that my esteemed friend and colleague, Marleen Slot, has been chosen and duly elected by the board to undertake the important mission of President. Marleen played a pivotal role in the relocation of ACE from France to the Netherlands, and now, it is her time to contribute further to our organization’s growth and solidify position of ACE as Europe’s premier producers’ association. I extend my heartfelt wishes for Marleen’s utmost success in this new responsibility, eagerly anticipating the official transition that will take place in April 2024 during our annual reunion in Bordeaux.”