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Case Study on “The Square” by producer Erik Hemmendorff
ACE 28 Business Prospects Workshop, Amsterdam

We are pleased to share with members of the ACE Network, a presentation held at the EYE Film Institute at the beginning of April 2018. Erik Hemmendorff (ACE SE)  attended the ACE 28 Business Prospects Workshop to discuss his experiences in collaborating with director Ruben Östlund, specifically on the Palme d’Or winning film, “The Square”.


The Sunny Side of the North Face by Oliver Simon
2018 ACE Annual Reunion in Tallinn

During the Annual Reunion in Tallinn, Estonia at the beginning of April 2018, Oliver Simon (K5 Media Group, DE) gave a presentation regarding his experiences in working with the US. The talk also begins with a touching tribute by Oliver to ACE founder Colin Young, who was present in the audience.

Note: All trailers have been edited out of the video and it ends abruptly due to the confidential materials in the last half.

Interview with Carole Scotta
2018 ACE Annual Reunion in Tallinn

In front of an audience of ACE Members and Baltic producers, ACE president Simon Perry interviewed Carole Scotta (Haut et Court, FR), renowned producer, distributor and long standing members of the ACE Network. Carole discussed her early life as a producer and her strategies for keeping her company viable in the ever changing industry.