ACE Producers has selected 16 experienced independent producers for the 4th edition of the ACE Animation Special. The intensive workshop is designed to provide extensive knowledge of how to diversify business with developing and producing long form/feature film and series animation productions for an international audience including cinema, broadcast and streaming. Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and NL Film Fund, and organised in close collaboration with Screen Ireland, BAIAnimation Ireland, Animation Skillnet and Animation Dingle, the ACE Animation Special will take place between 21 and 26 March 2023 in Dingle, Ireland.

Producers applied with animated features and series projects in early development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of feature and long form animation production, the ACE Animation Special will offer sessions on animatic story development, international production workflows, the creative dynamics of animation production, financing strategies and international distribution. The workshop will also include one or more sessions on physical line production as well as case studies on completed animation projects. Group sessions, plenary sessions and one to one meetings will together build a workshop where producers learn from each other’s experiences and those of key industry guests.

Experts/consultants confirmed for this year’s edition include Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studios), Simon Quinn (Big Fat Studio), Martin Pope (Magic Light Pictures), Marleen Slot (Viking Film), Eleanor Coleman (Indie Sales), Paul Young & Giovanna Ferrari (Cartoon Saloon), Michael Ryan (GFM Animation), Sarah Muller (BBC) and John Reynolds (Sow You Entertainment).

Rozálie Brožková – Czech Republic – Vernes s.r.o.
“The Seniors”

Dan Dixon – United Kingdom – Snafu Pictures
“The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil”

Claire Finn – Ireland – Lighthouse Studios
“Savage Town”

Eurydice Gysel – ACE Belgium – Czar Film & TV
“WOLF 302M”

Kathryn Kennedy – ACE Ireland – Kennedy Films
“The Thin Place”

Mark Lacey – United Kingdom – Enemy Films

Cameron MacLaren – Canada – MacLaren Productions
“The Perdu Woman”

Marianne Mäkelä – Finland – napafilms oy
“Last Carriage”

Carla Mooney – Ireland – Cardel
“A Hairy Situation

Patrice Nezan – ACE France – Les Contes Modernes
“The True Story of Joan of Arc”

Simon Österhof – Sweden – Soja

Radim Prochazka – ACE Czech Republic – Kuli Film
“Babu in the Night City”

Beata Rzezniczek – Poland – Madants
“Pale Pink”

Eirik Smidesang Slåen – Norway – ImaginærFilm

Chris Stenger – Netherlands – Family Affair Films
“The Marbelle of Bloom”

Ruben Thorkildsen – Norway – Storm Films