ACE Producers is pleased to announce the 19 producers and projects selected for the ACE Series Special 2.

Anamaria Antoci – Romania – Tangaj Production
“Hooked” written by Adrian Sitaru

Daniel Bekerman – Canada – Scythia Films  
“Lisa Howard” writers TBD

Pavel Bercik – Czech Republic – Evolution Films 
“Astronomer” written by Zdeněk Jecelín and Jan Hanzlík

Pandora da Cunha Telles – Portugal – Ukbar Filmes 
“Number 61” written by Kalaf Epalanga

Trish Dolman – Canada – Screen Siren Pictures 
“Bones of Crows” written by Marie Clements

Jean-Marc Fröhle – Switzerland – Point Prod 
“Winter Palace” written by Lindsay Shapero and Stéphane Mitchell

Viola Fügen – Germany – Match Factory Productions 
“The Report” written by Ben Bräunlich

Danielle Guirguis – The Netherlands – Smarthouse Films 
“Philips” written by Bart Oudshoorn and Bart Koene

Alexandra Hoesdorff – Luxembourg – Deal Productions 
“Hologrammatica” writers TBD

David Keitsch – Germany – Komplizen Serien 
“La Huaka” written by Ruì Díaz, J.I.M. Wels, Juan Ortiz and Elena Manzo

Ivan Madeo – Switzerland – Contrast Film Zurich 
“Davos” written by Adrian Illien, Julia Penner, Thomas Hess
and Michael Sauter

Sarah Marks – Belgium – MARKS 
“29” written by Charlotte De Bruyne, Sophie Kurpershoek and Anemone Valcke

Leontine Petit – The Netherlands – Lemming Film
“Augustus” written by Marco van Geffen & Philip Delmaar

Elli Toivoniemi – Finland – Tuffi Films 
“Copper Country” written by Ulla Heikkilä and Jenni Toivoniemi

Joris van Wijk – The Netherlands – Le Boxeur 
“The Man Who Stole the Bomb” written by Nadeem Rajwani

Pierpaolo Verga – Italy – o’Groove 
“Traitors for All” written by Edoardo De Angelis, Barbara Petronio and Michele Pellegrini

Jakob Weydemann – Germany – Weydemann Bros 
“Champions” written by Paul Salisbury and Friederike Jehn

Marijke Wouters – Belgium – De Mensen 
“Capturing Big Mouth” written by Hans Van Nuffel, Ahsan Naeem

Cristina Zumarraga – Spain – Tandem Films 
“Pleasure Spot” written by Alicia Luna

The selected producers will begin the programme with an online workshop on script development late October followed by a residential workshop in Brussels in March. The aim of the programme is to equip producers who have a strong track record in feature film production with the tools to transfer their skills into the world of series production.

The Series Special is supported by the VAF (the Flanders Audiovisual Fund) and CFAP.

With a record number of applications, the selection committee selected projects which had strong co-production possibilities, a unique pitch with potential to gather an international audience and producers who would be able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group. Of the selection, Head of Specials Al Williams said, “We were overwhelmed by the quality of the applications this year and we feel that the final selection represents the high level of series development coming out of Europe and Canada at the moment.”

Previously scheduled to be held at the VAF in Brussels in October, the residential element of the workshop has been postponed due to the continuing Covid-19 crisis. The participants will now participate in October in an online portion of the programme, with group sessions and a development workshop by development expert Emmanuel Oberg. This will help them fine-tune their bibles and pitches before the main element of the programme which will be held from the 1st to the 6th of March in Brussels, gathering experts in series productions, financing, distribution and sales.

ACE held its first Series Special workshop in October 2020, emerging from the needs of the industry and the clear trend for producers diversifying their activities and moving towards series production. On setting up the progamme ACE director Jacobine van der Vloed reflected “It really is amazing the number of established feature film producers we are currently seeing, turning their sights towards series. With the ever-growing call for more content this doesn’t seem to be a trend that is diminishing, so we’re happy to be able to provide a space to guide these knowledgeable producers in the right direction”.

The 19 selected producers come from 12 different countries with female producers outnumbering their male counterparts. 13 of the producers are ACE Network members.