ACE Producers has selected 17 experienced independent producers for the 4th edition of the ACE Series Special.

Roshanak Behesht Nedjad – Germany – In Good Company GmbH
“Me, Myself & Who?”
Showrunner – Barbara Kronenberg
Writer – Barbara Kronenberg

Nina Frese – ACE Germany – Wunderlust eK
“As a Matter of Sex”
Writer – Maria Solrun

Alexander Glehr – Austria – Film AG Produktions GmbH
“A New Order”
Writer – Agnes Pluch

Erik Glijnis – ACE the Netherlands – Lemming Film
“The House of the Mosque”
Writer – Beri Shalmashi

Danijel Hocevar – Slovenia – Vertigo
“Variola – Dark Spring”
Showrunner – Matevž Luzar
Writers – Matevž Luzar, Srđan Koljević, Miha Hočevar

Christine Kiauk – ACE Germany – COIN FILM GmbH
“True Murderers”
Writers – Linda Brieda, Jens Becker, Dominik Wessely

JJ Lousberg – UK – Filmwave
Writer – Peter Modestij

Leah Mallen – Canada – All In Pictures
“The Shepherd”
Showrunners – Jennica Harper, Nancy Lee
Writers – Jennica Harper, Nancy Lee

Annabella Nezri – ACE Belgium – Kwassa Films
Showrunner – David O’Neill
Writers – David O’Neill, Matthieu Frances

Viktória Petrányi – ACE Hungary – Proton Cinema
“Below the Earth”
Writers – György Mór Kárpáti, Márk Bodzsár

Reto Schaerli – ACE Switzerland – Zodiac Pictures Ltd
“William Tell”
Writers – Stefan Brunner, Lorenz Langenegger

Marica Stocchi – ACE Italy – Rosamont
Writers – Marco Pettenello, Valerio Attanasio, Matteo Visconti

Nebojsa Taraba – Croatia – Drugi plan
“Greater Adria”
Showrunner – Nebojsa Taraba
Writers – Simona Nobile, Nebojsa Taraba

Sophie Venner – ACE UK – Taletime Pictures
“Revolution School”
Showrunners – Paula Alvarez Vaccaro, Aaron Brookner
Writers – Paula Alvarez Vaccaro, Aaron Brookner

Dagne Vildziunaite – Lithuania – Just a moment
“C for Cancel”
Showrunner – Lina Luzyte
Writers – Lina Luzyte, Ewa Sec, Patryk Bugajski

Jamila Wenske – ACE Germany – Achtung Panda!
“Ordinary, Extraordinary”
Showrunner – Sabiha Sumar
Writers – Sabiha Sumar, Julia Rose, Rachel Mathews

Mia Ylönen – Finland – Helsinki-filmi
Showrunner – Mia Ylönen
Writers – Mia Ylönen, Nuutti Sihvonen, Tuomas Hakola

The intensive hands-on workshop is designed to help integrating a series division into the producers’ companies and deepen their knowledge of developing and producing TV drama series for an international audience. All selected producers have applied with a series in development. The Series Special will take place in Munich in early November.

With an increasing demand for content and with a market that is changing daily, producers are looking for new ways of working and diversifying their output. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of TV series production, the ACE Series Special offers sessions on working with broadcasters, marketing, audiences, international approaches, and business strategies.

The workshop will give producers a chance to work on their projects through one-to-one meetings with experts and group sessions with their peers benefiting from good practices and advise with regards to different territories, specific legal and financing structures, and business insights.

Thanks to our partners FFF Bayern for their support.

A previous version of this post also included Aija Berzina (Latvia– Tasse Film) as a participant. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from the workshop.