A hands-on workshop for experienced producers who want to integrate a series division into their companies and/or deepen their knowledge of developing and producing TV drama series for an international audience.

16 producers will be selected for the 6-day workshop, each with a series in development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of TV series production, the ACE Series Special will also offer sessions on marketing, audiences, international approaches and business strategies, with a course in the use of story development tools for TV drama. The workshop will give producers a chance to work on their projects through one to one meetings with experts and group sessions with their peers.

Topics covered include:

  • Story development within the structural framework of drama-series;
  • The creative dynamics of working in a writers-room and the role of director(s), commissioning editors and the producers themselves;
  • The financing scheme of series in an international context;
  • Discovering the market potential and finding an (international) audience;
  • Strategically integrating a series department into an existing (film-)production company;
  • Budget, financing and production planning of TV series.

26th – 31st of October 2020


Brussels, Belgium

Eligibility Conditions
  • To be an owner, partner or associate of an independent film/TV production company;
  • To be an ACE member or producer with a similar level of experience;
  • To have a TV drama series in development that is at a relevant stage
    and suitable for co-production.

€2.000 (€1.750 for ACE Network Members).
The fee covers full board, accommodation and training during the workshops. Travel costs are not included.

Application deadline

1st June 2020


To request an application form please email series@ace-producers.com.
ACE will send the application form only to clearly eligible candidates.

Along with the form ACE will request:

  • Motivation letter of the producer
  • Biographies of the team
  • Series bible including:
    • Series pitch (including arena and season arc)
    • Short synopses of pilot and all following episodes
    • Main character profiles
  • Budget, financing plan (including intended broadcaster/platform)
    and production plan
  • An application fee of 40€

VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund)


At the beginnning of November 2019, ACE held its first Series Special. The workshop was held in Brussels in collaboration with VAF (the Flanders Audiovisual Fund) and supported by CFAPFlow PostproductionCasa Kafka Pictures and Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Flanders.

The workshop revolved around group sessions, interactive plenary sessions and one to one meetings conducted by or held with eminent professionals from the TV and wider audiovisual industries: Florentijn Bos (Flow Postproduction), Jules Debrock (Flow Postproduction), Jonas Dornbach (Komplizen Film), Dariusz Jablonski (Apple Film), Denis Leroy (Banijay Studios), Marc Lorber (Lionsgate), Isabelle Molhant (Casa Kafka), Emmanuel Oberg (Screenplay Unlimited), Richard Pommerat (Wild Bunch TV), Tatjana Samopjan (Fractal Volcano), Gregory Strouk (Wild Bunch TV), Elly Vervloet (VRT), Christian Vesper (Fremantle), Fleur Winters (Lemming Film) and Michele Zatta (RAI Fiction). The group sessions of the workshop were moderated by Aleksi Bardy (Helsinki Filmi) and Laura Gragg (Freelance).

Click here for a list of the producers that participated in the 1st ACE Series Special