“Leadership in the face of Change”

The ACE Leadership Special will address the need to promote the development of leadership, entrepreneurial and business management know-how of experienced producers – leading to stronger and more robust companies, able to play their full part in the future market. It will use the ACE Network’s collective knowledge to encourage and nurture successful business acumen and greater agility within the film industry.

Programme Aim & Scope:

The world of audiovisual production is rapidly changing (digitalization, platforms etc.). In order to survive in this turbulent environment, solid leadership is more important than ever. This asks for a strong vision, and most of the times for operating with greater flexibility and agility. In other words embracing change; change within the mindset and behaviour of the leader, change of the business strategy and change within the team.

But how to cope with this? The ACE Leadership Special aims to foster stronger and more effective leaders in the face of change. Leaders that truly know themselves, leaders that have the right skills and visionairy strategies to lead their business and leaders that manage a team of dedicated professionals in order the reach their visionary goals.

Aim: The aim of the ACE Leadership Special programme is to raise the confidence and competence of participants to provide effective leadership to their businesses and their teams, and to be a “Master of Change”.   

Scope: In order to achieve this aim and be a master of change in their production companies, the ACE Leadership Special will help participants upgrading their capability in three interlinked themes in a holistic way: the human being, the entrepreneur and the manager. Focusing on this triad of roles, the programme discusses the following topics:

  • How to be a more effective leader: Improving personal leadership and management performance by looking at the human being behind the leader
  • How to plan and form strategy as an entrepeneur in a changing world: Improving the performance and prospects of the business
  • How to get the most from the team you rely upon: Improving performance of the people involved in the business

These three themes should reinforce each other and must be in balance to achieve authentic and credible leadership. Therefore these will be woven into an overlapping modular approach – each module will draw from and contribute to the content and effectiveness of the other modules.

ACE Leadership Special workshop flow:

  • Two afternoons of online sessions
  • 3-day residential workshop
  • Online catch-up sessions between participants
  • 3-day residential workshop
  • Two afternoons of online wrap-up sessions

Who should attend?

ACE members and other experienced producers who would like to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and recognise the need to establish a sound business foundation and a clearer future plan for their production company and related activities.

ACE will only accept applications from producers who already have advanced production experience having completed at least one feature film as the main producer, or a high-end series.

Applicants will be asked to explain in a motivation letter their leadership challenges, the current situation of their company, their long-term thinking and plans for the future.

ACE limits the participants to 12 experienced producers running their own production companies.