ACE Producers has selected 10 outstanding up-and coming producers from the European Union, Norway and the UK for the first edition of the ACE Mentoring Programme EU. The programme aims to support emerging producers in reaching the next level of their careers and extending their international network by providing them with the opportunity to learn from established mentors from the ACE Producers Network actively working within the European film industry.

ACE Producers’ main goal is to strengthen experienced producers but the ACE Mentoring Programme intends to share the collective knowledge of the ACE Network with a new generation of producers. Mentors have been matched according to the specific needs of the selected producers and their projects. The mentorship includes meetings throughout the year at international festivals and events as well as online.

The programme is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and the Netherlands Film Fund.


Clara Jantzen Kreinøe, Snowglobe Film, Denmark
Mentor: Lisa Marie Russo (ACE 11), Fly Film Company Limited – United Kingdom

Thomas Lambert, Tomsa Films, France
Mentor: Arash T. Riahi (ACE 27), Golden Girls – Austria

Anouk Shad, Topaz Films, Austria
Mentor: Joanna Szymanska (ACE 30), Shipboy – Poland

Mina Dreki, Marni Films, Greece
Mentor: Leila Lyytikainen (ACE 21), Citizen Jane Productions

Claudio Esposito, The Piranesi Experience, Italy
Mentor: Nicole Gerhard (ACE 18), Niko Film – Germany

Marta Romanova-Jēkabsone, KULTFILMA, Latvia
Mentor: Judy Tossell (ACE 09), Egoli Tossell Film – Germany

Ingvild Evjemo, 4 1/2, Norway
Mentor: Frans van Gestel (Series 1), Topkapi Film – The Netherlands

Krystyna Kantor, Shipsboy, Poland
Mentor: Eva Jakobsen (ACE 25), Snowglobe Film – Denmark

Luis Campos, Matiné, Portugal
Mentor: Yorgos Tsourgiannis (ACE 20), Horsefly Productions – Greece

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, Joi Productions, UK
Mentor: Roman Paul (ACE 16), Razor Film Produktion – Germany


Together with ACE Training Days, the ACE Mentoring Programme is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!


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