ACE Producers has selected 11 producers from the European Union and the UK for the first edition of the ACE Leadership Special. The workshop is aimed at experienced producers looking to establish sound business foundations for their companies and develop their personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The world of audiovisual production is changing rapidly. In order to survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, solid leadership is more important than ever. This asks for a strong vision, and the ability to operate with ever greater flexibility and agility. The ACE Leadership Special will help company-owning producers discover their own personal vision and gain the tools needed to adapt and flourish when faced with change.

The programme is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and the Netherlands Film Fund.



Martichka Bozhilova, Agitprop, Bulgaria

Eve Gabereau, Modern Films, UK

Alicja Grawon-Jaksik, Rabbit Hole Productions, Poland

Koji Nelissen, Keplerfilm, The Netherlands

Roman Paul, Razor Film Produktion, Germany

Martin Persson, Anagram Sverige, Sweden

Dries Phlypo, A Private View, Belgium

Marija Razgute, M-Films, Lithuania

Arash T. Riahi, Golden Girls Film, Austria

Laurette Schillings, Topkapi Films, The Netherlands

Ada Solomon, microFILM, Romania

Together with ACE Animation and ACE Series, the ACE Leadership Programme is part of ACE Specials. This combination of programmes allow experienced producers to expanding their knowledge of different forms of production and improve their skills and understanding of areas and types of production to which they might be new.


Please find more information on the programme:

Screen Daily press release here.

For further information please contact
Al Williams:

A previous version of this post also included Michael Weber (Germany – The Match Factory) as a participant. Unfortunately, he had to withdraw from the workshop.

The Woodcutter Story – an ACE project at 2022 Critics’ Week

An ACE project has been selected at Critics’ Week: first feature film of director Mikko Myllylahti, “The Woodcutter Story” is a international co-production with two ACE members on board from Finnish Aamu Film Company and Dutch Keplerfilm. The two met during ACE 27.

ACE Producers got the chance to briefly interview Jussi Rantamäki (ACE Finland), co-owner of Aamu Film Company, on the different stages of the project and the role played in it by ACE Producers and its Network.

Jussi, can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

Aamu Film Company is a Finnish production company co-owned by me and Emilia [Haukka]. We strive from a director-driven cinema, where we select a limited number of directors and work closely with them from their shorts to international films. We don’t choose projects, but directors, by trying to build an understanding of their artistic vision. The director from “The Woodcutter Story” is one of our oldest collaborators. We have produced his short in 2012 until his feature debut now.

At what point of its development and of your career did you get selected for ACE?

We had just premiered “The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki”, which was my first feature as a producer and as an entrepreneur. It won the Un Certain Regard Award in 2016. It was a nice upgrade to decide to go for “The Woodcutter Story”, and I applied for ACE 27 with that project.

How did it benefit from ACE?

The project got a great boost, especially during the Content Development Workshop. Koji Nelissen [ACE the Netherlands, in the picture with Jussi Rantamäki] was interested in it, and we finally met 1 year after in Cannes. Another ACE 27 producer was super interested, but at the end we opted for a Finnish-Dutch coproduction.
Also, at that time I needed to rethink how to grow as a company. My vision for the future was not molded enough and, in this context, it was fruitful to be at ACE. It was an amazing group. We are still in contact through social medias, and we try to gather during festivals and events throughout the year, so even outside of ACE context. I believe the strength of ACE is to create long-term relations with directors and film professionals and to reflect with other producers on the challenges and opportunities of the job.

ACE Producers' Films in Cannes 2022


ACE Producers has selected 10 outstanding up-and coming producers from the European Union, Norway and the UK for the first edition of the ACE Mentoring Programme EU. The programme aims to support emerging producers in reaching the next level of their careers and extending their international network by providing them with the opportunity to learn from established mentors from the ACE Producers Network actively working within the European film industry.

ACE Producers’ main goal is to strengthen experienced producers but the ACE Mentoring Programme intends to share the collective knowledge of the ACE Network with a new generation of producers. Mentors have been matched according to the specific needs of the selected producers and their projects. The mentorship includes meetings throughout the year at international festivals and events as well as online.

The programme is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and the Netherlands Film Fund.


Clara Jantzen Kreinøe, Snowglobe Film, Denmark
Mentor: Lisa Marie Russo (ACE 11), Fly Film Company Limited – United Kingdom

Thomas Lambert, Tomsa Films, France
Mentor: Arash T. Riahi (ACE 27), Golden Girls – Austria

Anouk Shad, Topaz Films, Austria
Mentor: Joanna Szymanska (ACE 30), Shipboy – Poland

Mina Dreki, Marni Films, Greece
Mentor: Leila Lyytikainen (ACE 21), Citizen Jane Productions

Claudio Esposito, The Piranesi Experience, Italy
Mentor: Nicole Gerhard (ACE 18), Niko Film – Germany

Marta Romanova-Jēkabsone, KULTFILMA, Latvia
Mentor: Judy Tossell (ACE 09), Egoli Tossell Film – Germany

Ingvild Evjemo, 4 1/2, Norway
Mentor: Frans van Gestel (Series 1), Topkapi Film – The Netherlands

Krystyna Kantor, Shipsboy, Poland
Mentor: Eva Jakobsen (ACE 25), Snowglobe Film – Denmark

Luis Campos, Matiné, Portugal
Mentor: Yorgos Tsourgiannis (ACE 20), Horsefly Productions – Greece

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, Joi Productions, UK
Mentor: Roman Paul (ACE 16), Razor Film Produktion – Germany


Together with ACE Training Days, the ACE Mentoring Programme is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!


Please find more information here:

For more information please contact:

ACE Producers’ Films in Cannes 2022


CLOSE by Lukas Dhont
Co-produced by Laurette Schillings (ACE the Netherlands) and Frans van Gestel (ACE The Netherlands)

LE OTTO MONTAGNE by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix Van Groeningen
Produced by Mario Gianani (ACE Italy)

TORI & LOKITA by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Co-produced by Bart Van Langendonck (ACE Belgium)

Produced by Erik Hemmendorff (ACE Sweden)
Co-produced by Giorgos Karnavas (ACE Greece) and Per Damgaard Hansen (ACE Denmark)

Cannes Premiere

DON JUAN by Serge Bozon
Produced by Philippe Martin (ACE France) and David Thion (ACE France)
Co-produced by Jean-Yves Roubin (ACE Belgium)

ESTERNO NOTTE (Nightfall) by Marco Bellocchio
Produced by Simone Gattoni (ACE Italy)

Midnight Screenings

REBEL Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah
Co-produced by Diana Elbaum (ACE Belgium)

LA NUIT DU 12 by Dominik Moll
Produced by Carole Scotta (ACE France)


CORSAGE by Marie Kreutzer
Co-produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE Germany), Janine Jackowski (ACE Germany), Bernard Michaux (ACE Luxembourg), Jean-Christophe Reymond (ACE France)

GODLAND byHlynur Palmason
Produced by Eva Jakobsen (ACE Denmark)

KURAK GÜNLER (Burning days) by Emin Alper
Produced by Nadir Operli (ACE Turkey)
Co-produced by Yorgos Tsourgiannis (ACE Greece) and Stienette Bosklopper (ACE the Netherlands)

SICK OF MYSELF by Kristoffer Borgli
Produced by Dyveke Graver (ACE Norway)

Co-produced by Nicole Gerhards (ACE Germany)
Associate Producer Bernard Michaux (ACE Luxembourg)

Produced by Thanassis Karathanos (ACE Germany) and Janine Teerling (ACE Cyprus)

LE BLEU DU CAFTAN by Maryam Touzani
Co-produced by Eva Jakobsen (ACE Denmark)

HARKA by Lotfy Nathan
Produced by Fabian Gasmia (ACE Germany)


ASHKAL by Youssef Chebbi
Produced by Farès Ladjimi (ACE France)

FALCON LAKE by Charlotte Le Bon
Produced by Sylvain Corbeil (ACE Canada)
Co-produced by Jean-Luc Ormieres (ACE France)

FOGO FATUO by João Pedro Rodrigues
Co-produced by Vincent Wang (ACE France)

L’ENVOL by Piero Marcello
Co-produced by Viola Fugen (ACE Germany)

LES ANNEES SUPER 8 by Annie Ernaux & David Ernaux-Briot
Produced by Philipp Martin (ACE France) and David Thion (ACE France)

UN BEAU MATIN by Mia Hansen-Løve
Produced by Philipp Martin (ACE France) and David Thion (ACE France)
Co-produced by Roman Paul (ACE Germany)

THE DAM by Ali Cherri
Co-produced by Thanassis Karathanos (ACE Germany)

UN VARON by Fabian Hernández
Produced by Claire Charles-Gervais (ACE France)


In competition

Produced by Jussi Rantamäki (ACE Finland)
Co-produced by Koji Nelissen (ACE The Netherlands)
Developed during the ACE 27 Annual Programme

Special Screenings

SONS OF RAMSES by Clément Cogitore
Produced by Jean-Christophe Reymond (ACE France)



ACE Producers has selected 15 experienced independent producers for the third edition of the ACE Animation Special. The intensive workshop is designed to provide extensive knowledge of how to diversify business with developing and producing long form, feature film and series animation productions for an international audience including cinema, broadcast and streaming. Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, Screen Ireland, Animation Skillnet, BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) and Animation Ireland, the ACE Animation Special will take place from 30 May – 4 June 2022 in Dublin, Ireland.

Jacobine van der Vloed, Director of ACE Producers: “The market for animation production is growing. To meet the demand of knowledge and insights into this industry branch, we are happy to hold this intensive workshop sharing the expertise of our network of ACE consultants and members for the selected producers from all over Europe.”

Producers applied with animated features and series projects in early development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of feature and longform animation production, the ACE Animation Special will offer sessions on animatic story development, international production workflows, the creative dynamics of animation production, financing strategies and international distribution. The workshop will also include one or more sessions on physical line production as well as case studies on completed animation projects.

Among the Experts / Consultants of this year’s edition are Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studios), Simon Quinn (Big Fat Studio), Martin Pope (Magic Light Pictures), Marleen Slot (Viking Film).


Ivan Agenjo, Peekaboo Animation, Spain

Veerle Appelmans, Vivi Film, Belgium

Peter Badač (ACE Slovakia), BFILM

Yohann Cornu, Damned Films, France

Alex Dowding, Submarine Animation, The Netherlands

Alan Holly, And Maps And Plans, Ireland

Sinisa Juricic (ACE Croatia), Nukleus Film

Chantal Lafleur (ACE Canada), Avenida Productions

Galilé Marion-Gauvin (ACE Canada), Productions l’unité centrale

Stefan Michel, Studio Seufz, Germany

Ragna Midtgard, Mikrofilm AS, Norway

Pål Røed (ACE Norway), Paasan, Norway

Lisa Marie Russo (ACE UK), Fly Film

Nidia Santiago, Ikki Films, France

Aneta Zagorska, Krakow Animation Center, Poland


A previous version of this post also included Dan Dixon (United Kingdom – Snafu Pictures) and Carla Mooney (Ireland – Cardel) as participants. Unfortunately, they had to withdraw from the workshop.


ACE Producers has selected 13 emerging producers for the ACE Training Days NL 2022.

Jasper Boon, Boondocs
The Netherlands

Fee Buck, PANDORA FILM Produktion

Esther Busch, Le Berg

Aydin Dehzad, Kaliber Film
The Netherlands

Maarten D’Hollander, Krater Films

Fabian Driehorst, Fabian&Fred

Christine Duttlinger, Komplizen Film

Rogier Kramer, Dutch Mountain Film
The Netherlands

Corine Meyers, Studio Biarritz
The Netherlands

Rinskje Raap, Rinkelfilm
The Netherlands

Philipp Raube, Die Neue Lux

Monique van Kessel, Make Way Film
The Netherlands

Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, HALAL
The Netherlands

The workshop is aimed at strengthening upcoming producers from the Netherlands and the neighbouring countries Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Focusing on “The Marketing & Promotion of Your Projects in an International Context”, it gives the participants the opportunity to learn from established producers and film professionals and to further develop their network.

The 2-day workshop (4 – 6 April 2022) will enable the selected producers to gain more knowledge on the international context of audiovisual production, concentrating mainly on the landscape of co-productions and financing a film internationally, but will also provide additional knowledge on the set-up of international markets and film festivals.

Together with the ACE Mentoring Programme, the ACE Training Days NL is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!

The ACE Training Days NL is set up with the collaborating partners Netherlands Film FundNAPAFilm Forward and Eye Filmmuseum

Please find more information here:

For more information please contact:


ACE Producers is pleased to announce the call for applications for the ACE Series Special, with thanks to support from Creative Europe MEDIA and FFF Bayern.

A hands-on workshop for experienced producers who want to deepen their knowledge of developing and producing TV drama series for an international audience and/or integrate a series division into their companies. The workshop is open to members of the ACE Network or other producers of a similar level.

16-18 producers are selected for the workshop, each with a series in development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of TV series production, the ACE Series Special will also offer sessions on working with broadcasters and streamers, marketing, audiences, international approaches and business strategies. The workshop gives producers a chance to work on their projects through one to one meetings with experts and group sessions with their peers.
The core of the 2022 workshop will be held in Munich, Germany with the support of FFF Bayern and Creative Europe MEDIA. Further sessions will be held online before the workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • The financing scheme of series in an international context;
  • Discovering the market potential and finding an (international) audience;
  • Strategically integrating a series department into an existing (film-)production company;
  • Understanding the different production structures of series development
  • Working with streamers and broadcasters.

Previous consultants include Piv Bernth (Apple Tree Productions), Caroline Benjo (Haut et Court), Lars Blomgren (Banijay), Noemi Ferrer Schwenk (DR Sales), Mario Gianani (Wildside), Ed Guiney (Element Pictures) Elizabeth Kilgarriff (Firebird Pictures), Monica Levy (Federation), Marc Lorber (Lionsgate), Davide Nardini (Amazon Italy) and Christian Vesper (Fremantle).

31 October – 5 November 2022
With other online elements

Munich, Germany

• To be an owner, partner or associate of an independent film/TV
production company;
• To be an ACE member or producer with a similar level of experience;
• To have a TV drama series in development that is at a relevant stage and suitable for co-production.

€2.500 (€2.250 for ACE Network Members).
The fee covers full board, accommodation and training during the workshops. Travel costs are not included.

13 June 2022

To request an application form please email



ACE Producers is seeking an Events & Communications Coordinator for the ACE Annual Programme, the ACE Network & ACE Springboard Training Days to join its international team. With a small staff of 6 employees, we require a highly organised, proactive and driven individual.

Do you want to work within a vibrant atmosphere, coordinating events and communications, bringing your expertise to an international network of independent feature film & drama series producers and get to know more about the European independent film industry? Join us!


ACE Producers is a network of experienced feature film & drama series producers behind Europe’s finest producer training programme. The organisation has developed a strong successful brand in providing top quality executive education in creative (co-) producing and entrepreneurialism, delivering continuous life-long and dynamic learning.

Strengthening independent producers, ACE Producers uses the power of the ACE Network’s collective knowledge to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in an everchanging industry. ACE enables profound collaborations through honest dialogue in the safe trusted space of the ACE Network and fosters valuable exchange of high-level knowledge about the independent audiovisual industry in Europe and beyond.

An adaptable, approachable organisation, ACE is famous for delivery of its core selective training programme for experienced producers. Each year, up to 20 new ACE producers are accepted into the ACE Network, after completing the main ACE programme of advanced training, which consists of three workshops during one year. The collective learning emphasises the key position and unique responsibilities of the producer throughout the whole process of making a film: development, production, marketing and delivery to audiences/distribution.

Reflecting their creativity and dynamism, ACE producers are frequently featured among the award-winners in Cannes, Berlin and Venice, at the Oscars, European Film Awards, etc. Recent feature films such as Oscar-winners “The Father” by Florian Zeller, and Palme d’Or winner “Titane” by Julia Decourneau” have been produced by members of the ACE Network.

ACE Producers was set up in 1993 and now has over 250 active members from more than 45 countries. Network members gather for further training and professional events at all major festivals and markets during the year, and regularly co-produce with each other. The association is governed by an Executive Board consisting of 20 international film professionals.


Job purpose:

The role sits within a small team that works in close collaboration to deliver a range of projects and workshops. The Events & Communications Coordinator assists the Events Manager, coordinates all communications and organises the ACE Springboard Training Days programmes.

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordinating all internal and external communication, and implementing the overall ACE Marketing Strategy
  • Coordinating PR & Publicity activities, and producing all publicity and advertising material
  • Drawing up texts for newsletters, press releases, calls for applications, the website and other publicity materials


  • Organising and coordinating the ACE Springboard Training Days programmes and supervising all related communication towards participants, consultants and partners
  • Assisting the Event Manager in organising and coordinating the ACE Annual Programme and Network events, the ACE Insight Sessions and festivals, this includes organising transportation, catering and overnight stays for the participants, consultants and team
  • Coordinating the creation of workshop materials
  • Representing the association during ACE events and those where ACE participates as a partner or co-organiser

Desired profile:

  • At least 2 years of work experience in event coordination and demonstrable experience in communications;
  • Flexible worker, being prepared to take on tasks outside remit when needed, keen on networking and collaborating closely with a small team;
  • Ability to efficiently plan and manage multiple assignments to meet deadlines;
  • Attention to detail, preciseness in the execution of tasks and solution-oriented working approach;
  • Excellent communication and organisation skills in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English is a must, and additional languages are a plus;
  • Essential knowledge of Microsoft Office and skilful in the use of InDesign and Photoshop;
  • Friendly and outgoing;
  • Interested in film and the film industry.

Starting date: preferably April 2022

Period: An annual contract with the with intention of a permanent employment in the future

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Position: Full-time (part-time working from home is possible)

Salary: Corresponding to knowledge and experience

Please send us your CV and a cover letter explaining why you’re the right person for the job before 1st of March 2022.

For further questions and applications contact:


Application deadline: 2 May 2022

Every year ACE Producers accepts 18 experienced film producers into the renowned ACE Network after completing ACE’s Annual Programme of executive education. Interested producers are asked to submit a project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market along with their application.

Four events make up the core of the training programme, held in four different locations.

Through pitching practice training and sessions on leadership and core values, the producers learn more about themselves and each other, their own businesses and the types of projects they produce. Group sessions and walk & talk discussions provide insight into early development problems such as preparing intention notes, working with talents and maintaining good relationships with writers and directors. During group sessions led by consultants, producers are encouraged to offer each other script advice, and analyse financing plans and marketing materials. Participants also benefit from individual consultancy meetings analysing the concepts, dramaturgy, financing plan, and target audiences of their projects.
10th – 15th October 2022 in Tromsø, Norway

Interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of producers’ finance plans, with input provided by high-grade professionals from across the industry. A uniquely open exchange of experience and ideas which sheds light on the evolution of co-production practices, of public and private funding schemes, and of the global marketplace in the digital age.
21th – 26th November 2022 in Warsaw, Poland

Sessions on business growth, designed to provide producers with models of sustainable company management and ways to build businesses that have real value. Group sessions and panel discussions guide the producers through keener applications of marketing techniques and diversified commercial activities.
27th – 30th March 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Held in a different country every year over a long springtime weekend, and open to all members of the ACE Network, this event is an occasion for experienced producers to share news, knowledge, opinion and practical advice in an informal but confidential environment. Warts-and-all case-studies, production company showcases, insider-information sessions, and more.
31st March – 2nd April 2023 in San Sebastian, Spain

• Be an owner, partner or associate of an independent production company;
• Have been the delegate producer (i.e. the principal responsible producer) of at least one theatrically-released feature film;
• Have a fiction feature film project in development which is designed to attract international finance and distribution – ideally in the form of a first draft screenplay or long treatment;
• Be available and make a commitment to attend a selection interview during the first week of September, the Content Development Workshop (October), the Financing Strategies Workshop (November), the Business Prospects Workshop and the Annual Reunion (both in April).).

If you are considering applying, please contact to establish your eligibility and organise a meeting with producers’ liaison Al Williams.

Applications will primarily be evaluated on the producers’ track record and motivation, followed by the strength of the project and its co-production and collaborative potential.

Visit our website for more information on the Annual Programme and application process.

ACE Producers is supported by Creative Europe, the Netherlands Film Fund, Procirep, German Films, Téléfilm Canada, Screen Ireland, Focal and Rai Cinema.

Call for Applications – ACE Leadership Special

ACE Producers is pleased to launch the ACE Leadership Special with thanks to support from Creative Europe MEDIA and the Netherlands Film Fund. A new workshop aimed at experienced producers looking to establish sound business foundations for their companies and develop their personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The world of audiovisual production is changing rapidly. In order to survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, solid leadership is more important than ever. This asks for a strong vision, and the ability to operate with ever greater flexibility and agility. The ACE Leadership Special will help company-owning producers discover their own personal vision and gain the tools needed to adapt and flourish when faced with change.

ACE Leadership Special will help producers harness their capabilities and innate skills, raising their confidence to allow them to provide effective leadership for their production companies and teams, and to become “Masters of Change”.

Open to members of the ACE Network and other experienced, established producers of a similar level, the ACE Leadership Special will take place over two 3-day residential workshops with additional online sessions complementing them. 12 producers will be selected, each with their own experiences from running a company and their own unique entrepreneurial capabilities, allowing the small group to benefit not only from the knowledge of the workshop consultants, but from each other’s lived experiences.

The ACE Leadership Special will help participants upgrade their capabilities in an all-encompassing approach through three interlinking themes: the human being, the entrepreneur, and the manager. Focusing on this triad of roles, the programme will cover the following topics:

  • How to be a more effective leader: Improving personal leadership and management performance by looking at the human being behind the leader
  • How to plan and form strategy as an entrepreneur in a changing world: Improving the performance and prospects of the business
  • ­ Should be available and able to commit to attend the entire workshop

20 – 22 June 2022
12 – 14 September 2022
With other online elements

The first workshop will take place in the Netherlands, whilst the destination of the second is to be confirmed.


  • ­ Should be an owner or partner in an audiovisual production company
  • ­ Should have been the delegate producer (i.e. the principal responsible producer) of at least one theatrically-released feature film, documentary or a high-end drama series which has been broadcast or aired online
  • ­ Should be available and able to commit to attend the entire workshop

€3.500 (€3.250 for ACE Network Members).
The fee covers full board, accommodation and training during the workshops. Travel costs are not included.

14 April 2022

Applicants will be asked to explain in a motivation letter their leadership challenges, the current situation of their company, their long-term thinking and plans for the future.

For more information or to request an application form, please contact