ACE Producers has selected 12 acclaimed film and television producers from 10 different territories for the third edition of the ACE Leadership Special.

Following two successful editions, the workshop aims to help producers sustain solid business foundations, improve performance and prospects for their teams and their companies and further develop their personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills to flourish when faced with change. The workshop format will allow the small group to benefit not only from the knowledge of the workshop consultants but also from each other’s lived experiences.

ACE director Jacobine van der Vloed said of the selection “The quality of applications that we received this year goes to show how in demand this type of training is for producers. We look forward to once again creating a safe space for the participants where they can grow and thrive”.

The programme is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, the Netherlands Film Fund, and the Mallorca Film Commission. It will take place in Bergen (The Netherlands) in June and in Mallorca (Spain) in September 2024 along with online elements over the summer.

Among the Consultants are Jeroen Achterberg, Jo Bishop (The Coaching Cabin) and Mark van der Grift (True Brands).


Amra Baksic Camo – Bosnia & Herzegovina – SCAA/pro.ba

Pavel Berčík – Czech Republic – Evolution Films

Agustina Chiarino – Uruguay – Bocacha Films

Sylvain Corbeil – Canada – Metafilms

Benjamin Domenech – Argentina – Rei Pictures

Galilé Marion-Gauvin – Canada – Productions l’unité centrale

Hanneke Niens – The Netherlands – KeyFilm

Floor Onrust – The Netherlands – Family Affair Films

Evelin Penttilä – Estonia – Stellar Film

Katrin Pors – Denmark – Snowglobe

Jussi Rantamäki – Finland – Aamu Film Company

Nima Yousefi – Sweden – HOBAB


Please find more information here.

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For the third consecutive year, ACE Producers has selected 10 talented up-and-coming producers for the ACE Mentoring Programme EU 2024 from Europe and beyond.

The programme aims to support emerging producers in reaching the next level of their careers and extending their international network by offering them the opportunity to learn from established mentors from the ACE Network actively working within the international film industry.

Each selected producer has been carefully matched to a mentor according to their specific needs. The programme includes (online) meetings throughout the year, intending to share the ACE Network’s collective knowledge with a new generation of producers.

The ACE Mentoring Programme is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and the Netherlands Film Fund.


Arthur Cohen, Elementary – France
Mentor: Richard Johns (ACE 7), Argo Films – United Kingdom

Joana Domingues, Caracol Protagonista – Portugal
Mentor: Eve Gabereau (ACE 33), Modern Films – United Kingdom

Antra Gaile, Air Productions – Latvia
Mentor: Yorgos Tsourgiannis (ACE 20), Horsefly Productions – Greece

Andrea Gori, Lumen Films – Italy
Mentor: Alise Gelze (ACE 28), White Picture – Latvia

Geneviève Gosselin-G., Le Foyer Films – Canada
Mentor: Annabella Nezri (ACE 31), Kwassa Films – Belgium

Jenni Jauri, Silmu Films – Finland
Mentor: Judy Tossell (ACE 9), Egoli Tossell Film – Germany

Paulina Lorenz, JÜNGLINGE FILM – Germany
Mentor: Stienette Bosklopper (ACE Series 1), Circe Films – The Netherlands

Wangechi Ngugi, Monsoons Creative Studio LTD – Kenya
Mentor: Christine Kiauk (ACE 23), Coin Film – Germany

Louise Riousse, Laterna Films – Mexico
Mentor: Alessandro Amato (ACE 32), dispàrte – Italy

Romas Zabarauskas, Naratyvas – Lithuania
Mentor: Radu Stancu (ACE 33), deFilm – Romania

Together with ACE Training Days, the ACE Mentoring Programme is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen their careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!

More information on the ACE Springboard Programmes can be found here.
For questions, contact us at ace@ace-producers.com.



ACE Producers is pleased to announce the call for applications for the ACE Series Special 6, with thanks to support from Creative Europe MEDIA and the collaboration of ICEX Spain Trade & Investment.

A hands-on workshop for experienced producers who want to deepen their knowledge of developing and producing TV drama series for an international audience and/or integrate a series division into their companies. The workshop is open to members of the ACE Network or other producers of a similar level.

16-18 producers are selected for the workshop, each with a series in development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of TV series production, the ACE Series Special will also offer sessions on working with broadcasters and streamers, marketing, audiences, international approaches and business strategies. The workshop gives producers a chance to work on their projects through one to one meetings with experts and group sessions with their peers.

The core of the 2024 workshop will be held in Madrid, Spain thanks to the collaboration of ICEX Spain Trade & Investment and Creative Europe MEDIA as well as on-site support from Madrid Film Office. Further sessions will be held online before the workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • The financing scheme of series in an international context;
  • Discovering the market potential and finding an (international) audience;
  • Strategically integrating a series department into an existing (film-)production company;
  • Understanding the different production structures of series development;
  • Working with streamers and broadcasters.

Professionals from companies such as Fremantle, BETA, Banijay, Federation and Lionsgate regularly attend as consultants, along with producers and showrunners offering no-holds-barred case studies and discussions.


4 June 2024

4 November – 9 November 2024

Madrid, Spain

  • To be an owner, partner or associate of an independent film/TV production company;
  • To be an ACE member or producer with a similar level of experience;
  • To have a TV drama series in development that is at a relevant stage and suitable for co-production;
  • To be fluent in spoken English.

Producers from any country are welcome to apply, however, please note that the majority of spaces will be reserved for producers from MEDIA countries.

€2.500 (€2.250 for ACE Network Members).
The fee covers full board, accommodation and training during the workshops.
Travel costs are not included.

To request an application form please email specials@ace-producers.com


In collaboration with:

On site support by:



Gearing up for the fourth edition, ACE Producers has selected three upcoming producers based in The Netherlands and Overseas Territories to participate in the ACE Mentoring Programme NL 2024. The programme aims to support emerging producers in reaching the next level of their careers and developing their international network.

The selected participants have been matched to a mentor of the ACE Producers Network according to their specific needs. The mentorship includes meetings throughout the year at international festivals and events, and online.

The ACE Mentoring Programme NL has been set up in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund.



Ewoud Bon, Provider Films – The Netherlands
Mentor: Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė (ACE 33), Just A Moment – Lithuania

Sasha Gertsik, GROM Productions – The Netherlands
Mentor: Helen Ahlsson (ACE 19), Nordic Drama Queens – Sweden

Sam Godfried, Yalla docs – The Netherlands
Mentor: Lisa Marie Russo (ACE 11), Fly Film Company – United Kingdom


Together with ACE Training Days, the ACE Mentoring Programme is part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers!

More information on the ACE Springboard Programmes can be found here.
For questions, contact us at ace@ace-producers.com.


ACE Producers is delghted to announce that it has selected 17 experienced independent producers for the 5th edition of the ACE Animation Special. The intensive workshop is designed to provide extensive knowledge of how to diversify business with developing and producing long form, feature film and series animation productions for an international audience including cinema, broadcast and streaming. Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, Screen Ireland, the Netherlands Film Fund and Animation Ireland, the ACE Animation Special will take place from the 19th to the 24th March 2024 in Dingle, Ireland, in collaboration with the Animation Dingle festival.

Al Williams, Specials Manager at ACE Producers said: “We are delighted to be going to Dingle once again this year. Ireland is such an inspirational hub for animation in Europe, making it the perfect location to gather together these talented producers.”

Producers will attend with animated features and series projects in early development. Focusing primarily on the creative and financial aspects of feature and longform animation production, the ACE Animation Special will offer sessions on animatic story development, international production workflows, the creative dynamics of animation production, financing strategies and international distribution. The workshop will also include one or more sessions on physical line production as well as case studies on completed animation projects.

Among the Experts / Consultants of this year’s edition are Eleanor Coleman (Indie Sales), Giovanna Ferrari (Cartoon Saloon), Kristine Knudsen (Den siste skilling), Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studios), Martin Pope (Magic Light Pictures), Simon Quinn (Big Fat Studio) and Paul Young (Cartoon Saloon).


Naima Abed – United Kingdom – Paradise City

Darya Bassel – Ukraine – Moon Man

Ciarán Deeney – Ireland – EZ Films

Fabian Driehorst – Germany – Fabian&Fred

André Fetzer – Luxembourg – AMOUR FOU

Dominiks Jarmakovičs – Latvia – Studio Locomotive

Vladimer Katcharava – Georgia – 20 Steps

Eun-Zi Kim – Germany – Freelance

Amanda Livanou – Greece – Neda Film

Hélène Mitjavile – France – Melocoton Films

Koji Nelissen – The Netherlands – Keplerfilm

Fabrice Otaño – France – DISNOSC

Joanna Ronikier – Poland – Running Rabbit Films.

Paul Schleicher – United Kingdom – Snafu Pictures

Guntis Trekteris – Latvia – Egomedia

Stephen Vandingenen – Belgium – A Private View

Konstantinos Vassilaros – Greece – StudioBauhaus


Every year, ACE Producers accepts 18 experienced film producers into the renowned ACE Network after completing ACE’s Annual Programme of executive education. Interested producers are asked to submit a feature film project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market along with their application.

Application deadline: 2 May 2024

Four events make up the core of the training programme, held in four different locations.

Through pitching practice training and sessions on leadership and core values, the producers learn more about themselves and each other, their own businesses and the types of projects they produce. Group sessions and walk & talk discussions provide insight into early development problems such as preparing intention notes, working with talents and maintaining good relationships with writers and directors. During group sessions led by consultants, producers are encouraged to offer each other script advice, and analyse financing plans and marketing materials. Participants also benefit from individual consultancy meetings analysing the concepts, dramaturgy, financing plan, and target audiences of their projects.
7th – 12th October 2024 in Leiden, The Netherlands

Interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of producers’ finance plans, with input provided by high-grade professionals from across the industry. A uniquely open exchange of experience and ideas which sheds light on the evolution of co-production practices, public and private funding schemes, and the global marketplace in the digital age.
18th – 23rd November 2024 in Warsaw, Poland

Sessions on business growth, designed to provide producers with models of sustainable company management and ways to build businesses that have real value. Group sessions and panel discussions guide the producers through keener applications of marketing techniques and diversified commercial activities.
April 2025, exact dates and location to be announced.

Held in a different country every year over a long springtime weekend, and open to all members of the ACE Network, this event is an occasion for experienced producers to share news, knowledge, opinions and practical advice in an informal but confidential environment.  Warts-and-all case studies, production company showcases, insider-information sessions, and more.
Directly following the Business Prospects Workshop, exact dates and location to be announced.


  • Be an owner, partner or associate of an independent production company;
  • Have been the delegate producer (i.e. the principal responsible producer) of at least one theatrically-released feature film;
  • Have a fiction feature film project in development which is designed to attract international finance and distribution – ideally in the form of a first draft screenplay or long treatment;
  • Be available and commit to attending a selection interview during the first week of September, the Content Development Workshop (October), the Financing Strategies Workshop (November), the Business Prospects Workshop and the Annual Reunion (both in April).

Please contact ace@ace-producers.com to establish your eligibility or to set up a meeting if you have any questions about the programme.
Applications will primarily be evaluated on the producers’ track record and motivation, followed by the strength of the project and its co-production and collaborative potential.

Visit the workshop section of the ACE Producers website for more information on the Annual Programme and application process.

The ACE 34 Annual Programme is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, Netherlands Film Fund, Polish Film Institute, Procirep, German Films, Téléfilm Canada, Screen Ireland, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Focal and APA – Audiovisual Producers Association.

Call for Applications – ACE Leadership Special 2024

ACE Producers is very pleased to announce that the call for applications for the ACE Leadership Special 2024 is now open.

The ACE Leadership Special is aimed at experienced producers looking to establish sound business foundations for their companies and develop their personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The workshop is made possible thanks to support from Creative Europe MEDIA, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Mallorca Film Commission.

Offering them a safe space, the ACE Leadership Special helps producers recognise and harness their capabilities and innate skills, raising their confidence to allow them to provide effective leadership for their production companies and teams.

Open to members of the ACE Network and other experienced, established producers of a similar level, the ACE Leadership Special takes place over two 3-day residential workshops with additional online sessions complementing them.

12 producers will be selected, each with their own experience of running a company and their own unique entrepreneurial capabilities, allowing the small group to benefit not only from the knowledge of the workshop consultants, but from each other’s lived experiences.

5 March 2024

18 – 21 June 2024
17 – 20 September 2024
With other online elements

June: Bergen, The Netherlands
September: Mallorca, Spain

More information on eligibility, participation fees and how to apply can be found on the ACE Leadership Special page.

Information Session – ACE Animation Special 2024

ACE Producers will be hosting an information session about the ACE Animation Special 2024. This session will offer producers the chance to hear about the application process, eligibility criteria and workshop programme of the 2024 edition.

Monday 13th November 2023 – 15:00 CET
Online Information Session: ACE Animation Special 2024

Please sign up for the session by completing this form.

The ACE Animation Special 2024 will be held in Dingle (Ireland) between 19 and 24 March 2024. It is organised thanks to Creative Europe MEDIA, the Netherlands Film Fund, Screen Ireland and Animation Ireland, in close collaboration with Animation Dingle.

The workshop is aimed at experienced producers who want to diversify their activities to include, and/or deepen their knowledge of developing and producing long-form/feature film animation production for an international audience (cinema, broadcast or streaming). Producers experienced in animation that are looking to internationalise their network are also welcome to apply.

19 – 24 March 2024

Dingle, Ireland


More information on the ACE Animation Special and how to apply can be found at this link.


ACE Producers and Independent Film Foundation are excited to announce the 12 emerging producers selected to participate in the third edition of ACE Training Days Poland, a workshop aimed at strengthening upcoming producers from Central Eastern European countries. Focusing on “The Essentials of Co-Producing: What’s the Deal with Negotiating”, it gives the participants the opportunity to learn from established producers and film professionals and to further develop their international network. The ACE Training Days Poland is supported by the Polish Film Institute.

The 2-day interactive workshop (22 and 23 November) will include plenary sessions and case studies, as well as group meetings and round table discussions, provided with the help of ACE consultants and producers who have notably strong track records in negotiation, international financing, co-production, sales, and distribution, and who will share their knowledge and international expertise.

The Training Days Poland is connected to the ACE 33 Financing Strategies Workshop (20 – 25 November, Warsaw), which is a workshop within the ACE Annual Programme organised for the selected 18 experienced producers from Europe and beyond.



Joanna Banach, Kosmos Production – Poland

Péter Fülöp, FP Films – Hungary

Enea Gramo, Art Film – Albania

Viki Réka Kiss, Good Kids, Hungary

Marta Krzeptowska, Orka Film – Poland

Olha Matat, Evos Film – Ukraine

Rūta Petronytė, Smart Casual – Lithuania

Livia Radulescu, Redwood Productions – Romania

Marta Romanova-Jekabsone, Kultfilma – Latvia

Ewa Sokołowska, Warsaw Film School – Poland

Gabriela Suciu, Atelier de Film – Romania

Sylwia Szczechowicz-Warszewska, Film Office – Poland


Together with the ACE Mentoring Programme, the ACE Training Days are part of ACE Springboard, a combination of programmes focusing on emerging independent producers to strengthen careers at an early stage. ACE Springboard provides participants with the tools needed to be adaptable and innovative in an ever-changing film industry – for a successful new generation of independent producers.

Please find more information here, for more information please contact us at ace@ace-producers.com.

Announcing the new ACE President

ACE Producers is excited to announce the election of its new president, Marleen Slot (ACE The Netherlands).

Having been elected by the ACE Executive Board, Marleen will serve as president of ACE Producers starting from 19 April 2024, taking over from current president, Antoine Simkine, who held the role since 2018.

Marleen has been a member of ACE Producers since her participation in the ACE 19 Annual Programme in 2009. Over the past years, she has regularly returned to ACE workshops as a speaker, consultant, and expert. Since 2020, Marleen is a board member for ACE Producers and currently is serving as vice-president.

Marleen founded Amsterdam-based film production company Viking Film in 2011. International in scope, Viking Film creates high-quality films for both Dutch and international audiences with a special focus on arthouse and animation films. Marleen started her career at Lemming Film, where she worked for 8 years as a producer.

Marleen will collaborate closely with Director, Jacobine van der Vloed, in developing ACE’s vision and strategy. Both will work together as they take ACE forward and build on the substantial achievements that have occurred over the past few years.

Commenting on her election, Marleen said: “I feel very honoured to be elected the new president of an organisation that is so dear to me and such an important part of my career and life since 2009. I strongly believe in the power of ACE as a training organisation but even more as a place for producers to share and network, where you can be vulnerable and open and share successes and mistakes. Collectively we can make the difference and bring our films to a higher level.”

Departing president Antoine Simkine comments: “I am delighted to announce that my esteemed friend and colleague, Marleen Slot, has been chosen and duly elected by the board to undertake the important mission of President. Marleen played a pivotal role in the relocation of ACE from France to the Netherlands, and now, it is her time to contribute further to our organization’s growth and solidify position of ACE as Europe’s premier producers’ association. I extend my heartfelt wishes for Marleen’s utmost success in this new responsibility, eagerly anticipating the official transition that will take place in April 2024 during our annual reunion in Bordeaux.”