ACE 27 Producers Selected

ACE Producers is pleased to announce the eighteen producers selected to participate in the 27th ACE Session (2017/2018).

Anneli Ahven – Estonia – Kopli Kinokompanii
“Beatrice” by Ain Mäeots

Anamaria Antoci – Romania – 4 Proof Film
“Max and the Virgin Mary” by Adrian Sitaru

Signe Byrge Sørensen – Denmark – Final Cut for Real
“The End” by Joshua Oppenheimer

Sylvain Corbeil – Canada – Metafilms
“La Dissociation” by Albéric Aurtenèche

Gary Cranner – Norway – Chezville
“The Ski Jumper who didn’t want to Land” by Hans Petter Moland

Colin Day – United Kingdom – Rickshaw Entertainment
“Middle-8” by Marielle Gautier

Galilé Marion-Gauvin – Canada – Productions l’Unité Centrale
“Listen Well, O Fence of Reed” by Dominique Chila & Samer Najari

Koji Nelissen – The Netherlands – Kepler Film
“Woods” by Diederick Koopal

Iris Otten – The Netherlands – Pupkin Film
“Dreamscape” by Anna van der Heide

Jussi Rantamäki – Finland – Aamu Film Company
“The Woodcutter Story” by Mikko Myllylahti

Arash T. Riahi – Austria – Golden Girls Filmproduktion
“Micromeo” by Virgil Widrich

Igor Savychenko – Ukraine – Directory Films
“Die Young” Dir. TBD

Laurette Schillings – The Netherlands – Topkapi Films
“” Dir. TBD

Pierpaolo Verga – Italy – O’ Groove
“The Vice of Hope” by Edoardo De Angelis

John Wallace – Ireland – Black Sheep Productions
“The Navigator” by Dathaí Keane

Jakob Weydemann – Germany – Weydemann Bros.
“Fresh” by Damian John Harper

Mariusz Wlodarski – Poland – Lava Films
“Sweat” by Magnus von Horn

Ondrej Zima – Czech Republic – Evolution Films
“Grand Prix” by Jan Prušinovský

Sixteen producers have been selected from fourteen different Creative Europe participating countries, and for the first time this year, thanks to a partnership with Téléfilm Canada, two producers from Canada will be attending the workshops alongside their European colleagues. All eighteen producers will attend the workshops with a project in development.

The sixteen EU producers come from all corners of Europe, with Scandinavia and Eastern Europe particularly well represented. ACE is also pleased to welcome a Ukrainian producer to the Network for the first time.

The selection committee was made up of members of the ACE board, ACE consultants, President Simon Perry and Director & Head of Studies Jacobine van der Vloed. The committee said: “The quality of the producers and projects who applied for this year’s session was very high, making the selection particularly difficult. We are very happy to have selected a wide variety of producers from different production backgrounds, and are pleased with the number of them who have impressive collaborative connections with their directors.”

Four events make up the core of the training. The first workshop, dedicated to Content Development will take place mid-October in Helsinki, thanks to the support of Aalto University. The Content Development Workshop includes plenary sessions and individual meetings, analysing the concepts, dramaturgy and target audiences of producers’ projects.

In November the second workshop, which offers the producers advice on possible Financing Strategies for their projects, takes place in Prague, with the support of the Czech Film Fund and the Czech Audiovisual Producers Association. This week-long workshop is made up of interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of the producers’ finance plans, with input provided by high-grade professionals from across the industry. The sessions offer a uniquely open exchange of experience and ideas which sheds light on the evolution of  co-production practices, of public and private funding schemes, and of the global marketplace in the digital age.

The third workshop will look at the producers’ Business Prospects, providing them with models of sustainable company management and ways to build businesses that have real value. The sessions will offer them insight into keener application of marketing techniques, direct online distribution and diversified commercial activities. This workshop takes place in Amsterdam with the kind support of the Netherlands Film Fund and is immediately followed by the ACE Annual Reunion, were the new producers will be officially welcomed into the ACE Network.

Alongside these workshops the producers will also have the chance to have personalised consultations with script, finance and marketing experts throughout the year.

ACE Producers is an exclusive network of experienced independent film producers from Europe and beyond, with around 200 members from more than 45 countries.

Established in Paris in 1993, the association moved to The Netherlands in 2017 and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.

ACE Producers is supported by Creative Europe, The Netherlands Film Fund, The Czech Film Fund, Aalto University, The Czech Audiovisual Producers’ Association, Procirep, Film i Väst, German Films, The Irish Film Board, Focal, Rai Cinema and Téléfilm Canada.

14 ACE Producers’ Feature Films selected for the EFAs 2017

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions have announce the titles of the 51 films on this year’s EFA Feature Film Selection, the list of feature fiction films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2017. 14 films are produced or co-produced by members of the ACE Network.

In the coming weeks, the over 3,000 members of the European Film Academy will vote for the nominations in the categories European Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenwriter. The nominations will then be announced on 4 November at the Seville European Film Festival in Spain. A seven-member jury will decide on the awards recipients in the categories European Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Hair & Make-up Artist, Composer and Sound Designer.

The 30th European Film Awards with the presentation of the winners will take place on 9 December in Berlin.


“A Date for Mad Mary” by  Darren Thornton
Produced by Ed Guiney (ACE IE)

“Godless” by Ralitza Petrova
Produced by Eva Jakobsen (ACE DK)

“Ice Mother” by Bohdan Sláma
Produced by Pavel Strnad (ACE CZ)
Co-produced by Marko Skop(ACE SK)

“Istanbul Red” by Ferzan Ozpetek
Produced by Tilde Corsi (ACE IT)

“Jupiter’s Moon” by Kornél Mundruczó
Produced by Viktória Petrányi (ACE HU)

“Return to Montauk” by Volker Schlöndorff
Produced by Conor Barry (ACE IE)

“Son of Sofia” by Elina Psykou
Produced by Giorgos Karnavas (ACE GR)
Co-produced by Borislav Chouchkov (ACE BU)

“The Killing Of A Sacred Deer” by Yorgos Lanthimos
Produced by Ed Guiney (ACE IE)

“The King’s Choice” by Erik Poppe
Produced by Finn Gjerdrum (ACE NO)

“The Other Side of Hope” by Aki Kaurismäki
Co-produced by Misha Jaari (ACE FI)

“The Square” by Ruben Östlund
Produced by Erik Hemmendorff (ACE SE)
Co-produced by Katja Adomeit (ACE DK)

“Tom Of Finland” by Dome Karukoski
Produced by  Aleksi Bardy (ACE FI)

“Western” by Valeska Grisebach
Produced by Jonas Dornbach (ACE DE), Janine Jackowski (ACE DE)
Co-produced by Borislav Chouchkov (ACE BU)

“You Disappear” by Peter Schønau Fog
Co-produced by Madeleine Eckman (ACE SE)


Taking place from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July 2017 at FAMU – Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – ACE Producers has selected 13 upcoming producers at relatively early stages in their careers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to take part in the first ACE Training Days.

Scheduled over two-and-a-half days, the workshop is provided with the help of ACE producers and consultants who have notably strong track-records in international project financing and distribution, and who will share their knowledge and international expertise with the participants.

The Prague Training Days are supported by the Czech Film Fund and the Audiovisual Producers Association (APA).


Training Days in Prague 2017 Participants


Peter Badač – BFILM

Jan Hubáček – GNOMON

Vit Janeček – D1 Film

Barbara Janišová Feglová – Hitchhiker Cinema

Michael Kaboš – KABOS Film & Media

Jitka Kotrlová – Frame Films

Kristýna Květová – Cinemotif Films

Tomás Michálek – Masterfilm

Jakub Pinkava – Pink Productions

Alice Tabery – Cinepoint

Anna Tydlitátová – Freelance

Tomás Vach – Slothmachine

Julie Žáčková – Unit + Sofa


ACE Producers is now accepting applications for the ACE 27 session.

Every year ACE selects between 16 and 20 experienced film producers, each with a project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market, to take part in ACE’s annual programme of advanced training and then join the ACE Network.

The deadline is the 12th of June.

To discuss your application please contact Al Williams at

For all information on the upcoming programme and details on how to apply please go to our workshops page


ACE Producers has relocated to Amsterdam. Thanks to the support of the Netherlands Film Fund a new office has been set up in the city’s Oud West district.

With a team lead by Jacobine van der Vloed, ACE Producers will continue to support its network of nearly 200 active producers and organise training workshops which aim facilitate co-productions for experienced film producers.